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[Notice] PHOENIXDART THE CHAMPION "The First PDS & VSPM Joint POL 2018 Qualifier!"

1.Competition Date & Place
Competition Date : 9th February ~ 4th March 2018
RM 50 [ Non POL/VSPOL members : POL Card & T-shirt will be provided ]
FOC [ POL/VSPOL members ]
  • · Pay entry fees to outlet manager/owner. Players entry will be approved upon confirmation of payment.
  • · Kindly contact our admins for more details.

G-Shock Watch + Personal Custom Jersey
Phoenix Dart GAME CREDIT RM100
2nd - 15th Phoenix Dart GAME CREDIT RM50 + 2018 POL Polo T-Shirt
Phoenix Dart Bottle
16th Phoenix Dart GAME CREDIT RM50 + Personal Custom Jersey
17th - 31st Phoenix Dart GAME CREDIT RM20 + 2018 POL Polo T-Shirt
32nd Phoenix Dart GAME CREDIT RM20 + Personal Custom Jersey
33th - 63th 2018 POL Polo T-Shirt
64th Personal Custom Jersey
65th - 100th POL Entry Voucher RM50
※ The goods may be subject to change without notice.
  1. 1. Results will be posted on the Phoenix website. (7 days after the competition)
  2. 2. Prizes distribution method will be announced after the event

3.Competition Format
Stage 1 Stage 2
Period 9th Feb to 20th Feb 21st Feb to 4th Mar
Game Type 701 game Standard Cricket
Ranking Criteria PPD MPR

※ Ranking is calculated by converting the ranking of each Stage1 and Stage2 of the competition period into total points.

※ The ranking is based on the average of the top 5 grades for each stage.

※ There is no limit on the number of plays during the competition.

※ You can get grades by playing alone or fighting alone.
1 ~ 4 people playable

※ All rounds are reflected in the results of the game only for the end of the game

※ Ranking in case of joint ranking
First, players with a high number of games
Second, players with high scores
(Average of all grades in the competition, not the top five)

Competition Classification
Division Rating Remark
Div 1 (rt.17-max) AA17 & above Competition Rating
Div 2 (rt.14-16) A14 ~ A16
Div 3 (rt.1-13) BBB13 & below

※ By reading the tournament video, the cheater forfeit all the games you participate.

If it is higher than 5 (3 consecutive times) compared with your participation registration rating, it is automatically upgraded to the upper division.

4.Entry method
  1. 1. Register yourself onto the machine automatically with your active POL Phoenix Club Card, or regular Phoenix Club Card for new members.
  2. 2. Inform the location owner or manager of registration for approval from admins at PD Sports Malaysia
  3. 3. Upon confirmation of registration, well informed admins will approve entry for each participant within 24 hours.
See How to Participate at a Glance
  • Main Display
  • Competition Information Main
  • Competition Information
  • Competition Details
  • Photo shoot
  • Competition Details
  • Competition Information
  • Game Starts
Information of Checking Competition Results / Ranking
The results of the competition / rankings can also be found on the championship site
(PC / Mobile)
  1. 1. If you play 1PLAYER, you can see the score of upper and lower players, your lowest score, the goal score for raising the rank, and the number of games required.
    2-4 Player Mode
    1 Player Mode
  2. 2. You can check the score if the game progress after the game is better than your lowest score. After the game is finished, you can select the game progress, mode selection, ranking check, and so on
  3. 3. You can check the ranking of the selected tournament, the width of the top and bottom of the day, the grade, and the date of the last throw.
  4. 4. In case of MY RANKING, you can check the ranking of the tournament you are participating in at the first stage and you can check the ranking of other players.

5.Contact Persons
  1. Kindly contact our admins for more details.
  2. Joe 012 345 6887
  3. Stephanie 017 393 5688
  4. Ben 016 322 2110
  5. Elrace Ong 012 621 2996

Ruled & regulations are subject to change at organisers discretion.
Please check our web and app frequently to find out if there are any changes or updates.