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Day 1 July 9th (Sat) 09:00 - 21:00 Day 2 July 10th (Sun) 09:00~21:00
Doubles Tournament Doubles Tournament
Trio Half-it Tournament (consolation match) Trio Half-it Tournament (consolation match)
Asia Pacific One League Final League World Championship
Korean Cup (Male/Female)
Asia One League Final, League world Championship participants will be selected through each countries representative Operator.
Korea cup participants will be selected separately from each country.
Trio Tournaments are for players who have been eliminated from the preliminary round.

one league

One League Final One League was launched this year. This new league is held separated from P.O.L. The difference between P.O.L. and One League is, that One League has adopted the Auto Handicap System. For that reason not only high level players, but also beginners are able to participate in the league. Like the P.O.L., Phoenix Dart Competition System will be applied and played as an online league. From the last April, 2016 One League Season 1 has started in 8 countries of Asia Pacific region. The players who get a pass from each country, come to Korea and participate in the Summer Festival and fight for the champion title.

league world championships

League World Championship League World Championship was launched in 2014 Summer Festival contends for the world’s best league team. The champion team of each division in P.O.L. participates in this championship. It is an international competition. The league champions of each country compete in Korea and the players can build their relationship. Also, it gives a chance to promote the local P.O.L. in each country. At the first competition in 2014, Japan beat Spain and won the League World Championship.