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Competition Rules and Recommendations

Competition Rules

· Phoenix Summer Festival is an international competition with players from all over the world. We kindly ask you to follow our competition rules.

· The sensor of the electronic dart machine detects and shows the exact score. Please don’t judge the score subjectively. In case of a malfunction please ask the staff for help.

· Only participating players are allowed to enter the competition area.

· During the practice phase before the competition each player is allowed to practice 3 darts.
A prompt execution of the game will be appreciated.

· Please don’t take more than 30 minutes to throw your 3 darts. A prompt execution of the game will be appreciated.

· In Case your opponent player doesn’t show up after 5 minutes you have to report to the operating headquarter.
If the opponent player or team doesn’t show up within 5 minutes after the 3 P.A. he/she/team will be disqualified automatically.

· Do not stay away from the competition zone for more than 5 minutes for Round Robin games.

· If you can’t provide a proof of your ID when your identification is requested, you cannot participate in the competition.

· Organizers will provide first aid in case of accidents or injuries that is occurred by one’s carelessness. However organizer is not liable for it.

· We assume that the team and players who are participating for the tournament agreed with our rules and conditions.

· The organizer of the Summer Festival holds the right to take photos and videos in the tournament hall and also holds the right to use them for the advertisement and promotion purpose. We assume that participating for the tournament itself agrees the organizer’s right to use the media.

· The organizers reserve the right to prohibit players from the tournament, who harm the progress of the competition. Moreover the players can not only be excluded from this competition, but also from other Phoenix Dart events.


· Please turn off your cellphone or put it on a vibration mode so it doesn’t disturb other players.

· Please refrain from loud cheering or booing in a manner that causes disturbance.

· Please notify where you go to your team partners whenever you are leaving the site and please avoid leaving the tournament hall for a long time.

· Please pay attention to the announcement from the P.A. at all times even if there’s no game schedule.

· Any valuable personal items must be stay with you at all times. The organizer is not responsible for loss or theft.

· No smoking in the tournament hall. Smokings are allowed at the designated area outside the tournament hall.

· No approved outside food allowed in the tournament hall. No pets are allowed.

· No alcoholic drinks and outside food are allowed.(Kintex Rules) Kintex staffs hold the right to expel those who violate their rules. The organizer is not responsible for that.

· Please dispose your waste during the festival.